Animal abandonment – a lack of humanity


Do you remember the first requests made to your parents? That miracle that made you so responsible, it was a simple puppy or a kitten. That’s how it all started! It was the first step to animal abandonment in incredibly cruel conditions.

Not the infinite toys you were receiving, not the very unhealthy sweets and not even the limitless walks in the park, but that special wish for which you were promising to clean up the whole house by yourselves or to get only good grades.

That’s how we invaded their natural habitat and that’s how we, humans, managed to ruin their lives.

Even from the Ancient Times, from the X millennium, ever since the man gave up nomadism and went to a sedentary existence, he chose the dog as the first “pet”, domestication has been the process through which it had to pass to help in hunting. These were feeding on any type of food. Just like in the present, they were easy to train, were fast, useful and loyal, being even back then man’s best friend.

Other animals like goats and sheep were also used for food, like milk, skin and especially to carry provisions, until the domestication of the horse, which was considered to be the most important animal that has been domesticated in the history of mankind.

Man, the most cunning predator…

He cut down the world’s forests, burned their homes, hunted them to have animals near him, he exploited them, let them in his life, and then opened the door for them to leave. He abandoned them after he had nothing more to earn from this.

In the present, animals stay near people’s houses to offer affection, and in some cases, they became a burden too big to carry, getting killed, beaten up, or abandoned on a field.

Seeing as I am a very big animal lover, especially dogs, I often observed the hate with which humans left their best friends behind, the simplicity with which they gave up on some innocent and helpless souls that only wanted love and we’re giving it unconditionally.

And… leaving them on a cold and deserted street wasn’t enough, you must also tie their legs as they have anywhere to run to, poor animals. They don’t have an owner, a home, they don’t have anything.

They lost everything from a fierce wish made by man to receive affection. Because of us, they lost everything. While they gave us everything, we took everything from them, and then we let them go. Animal abandonment is our invention.

And when you think that the story is over, the problem of streets filled with stray animals starts. The solution? Euthanasia.

Most countries that can’t afford shelter services for dogs call Animal Control, castrations, or euthanasia.

Between everything else, Animal Control helped to reduce the incidence or eradicate some parasitic or infectious illnesses. From these, one of the most dangerous is rabies.

The truth stands in circuses, poorly maintained zoos, how in our liberty we abuse of theirs. We destroyed their ecosystem and transformed them into instruments of entertainment and trade.

Zoos were documented even three millennia ago, an example being “The garden of intelligence”. It was set up by a Chinese emperor and it is said to have had many species of animals. Nowadays, zoos became very frequent. But, unfortunately, the disinterest with which animals are treated is just as frequently met.

The circus, the horror house or better said, animal’s hell is the place where terrified animals forgot what life is, they forgot what freedom means. They’re forced to learn tricks, forget their animal instincts, and offer people entertainment through beatings, fear, and terror.

You think that there’s no correlation to abandoned animals, but you’re wrong. We abandoned those animals, we left them hunted and we left them in institutions that only ran for the money.

Thousands of species disappear annually due to human negligence towards the climate environment, towards fauna and flora. These deeds show how much we lack soul when it comes to mother nature. You might read an article with the same topic here!

”Food and shelter aren’t an expense, but a spiritual responsibility towards life.”

We must support life and it’s ways of manifesting, by all means. Animal abandonment represents a fundamental lack of humanity.


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