Anger issues and 3 TV shows: an analysis

Anger issues and 3 TV shows: an analysis
Recently, the problem of anger issues among teenagers has been brought up a lot in TV Shows. Besides the serious problem, most of them have a comedic approach. This is not that bad, due to the fact that most teenage shows are full of dramatic themes.
The anger issues are portrayed differently in each one of the TV shows. Maybe to give us an idea of what triggers this behavior, because the reasons are never the same. In my opinion, this subject is very important, as in the teenage years there are a lot of behaviors that adults don’t seem to understand. Or remember. Technology and the way we communicate is constantly changing, therefore, how teenagers react to the different situation will also change through the years.
  • TV shows with twists: The End of the F***ing World (2017-2019)

This British “dark comedy-drama” is based on a mini-comics series made by Charles Foresman in 2013. In the screening, we have 2 teenagers with anger issues and related problems that get to know each other. Then they run away from home to travel, where they encounter a lot of problems, but they become close. In the 2 seasons, we see a lot of character development and a free display of teenage anger. This Netflix series was very famous in 2018. It has an 91% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.

  • TV shows and the supernatural: I’m not okay with this (2020)

This was also based on a comic book by Charles Foresman, therefore the theme is almost the same. What’s different this time is the supernatural power of the main character. The MC has also anger issues, which she cannot control. Also, the love story here is different too, so this is not an average love story. Unfortunately, the second season was canceled by Netflix due to the pandemic concern. This has an 85% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.

  • TV shows about violence and comedy: Wayne (2019)

Even though it’s 2 years old, I recently watched it. The series was aired on YouTube Premium, so it didn’t really have its time to shine. The theme: violence and comedy. From all of the above, I consider this the most well-made story. Each character has a certain dramatic past that led to the current behavior, and the social environment is also an element that explains it all. This was also canceled, having only one season. It is rated 8,4/10 on IMDb.

Although I’m aware that these behaviors are not cool nor funny, it’s a chance for people to have a glance at what happens if we neglect our teenagers. No one should be treated with violence, so what’s your opinion on how these shows portray violence?


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