An absolutely cute animation: WolfWalkers (2020)

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Have you ever wondered what to watch with your kids? Or do you want to watch animations, but you ran out of ideas? Both? Most of the time, when I look for an animation, I usually find animations that are either Asian (Japanese, to be precise) or American.
However, from time to time, I stumble across animations that are European. I find that to be such a nice change! In my opinion, European animations are somewhat underrated. Of course, the European animation studios might not be as numerous as the others, and this might be a cause.
If you want to discover European animations, I strongly recommend Cartoon Saloon. They are the genius behind The Secret of Kells, The Breadwinner, WolfWalkers, and The Song of the Sea. 
Today I will talk a bit about WolfWalkers, and why it is a cute animation for children and parents or child-like adults to watch.
What so good about it?
#1st thing: The animation itself.
I cannot praise the animation enough to express my pleasant surprise. Undoubtedly, from the very first minutes, you will remark how it was made. The lines used in animating the movement are visible (like the shape of the head and joints) but in an elegant manner. The colors are well-balanced (soft watercolors) and the harmony between them is lovely!
The fluidity of the scenes and the movement is a core element in this animation. It guides you where to focus your attention so that everything feels like a legend.
If you do not have a keen eye for such details, you will surely be amazed by the richness of the backgrounds! Every frame and every background were drawn so detailed and carefully that you feel the love with which these people drew and animated the movie!
An absolutely cute animation: WolfWalkers
Still from WolfWalkers
An absolutely cute animation: WolfWalkers
Still from WolfWalkers
An absolutely cute animation: WolfWalkers
Still from WolfWalkers
Having Irish motifs and themes, there are lots of runes, spirals, knots, and triskeles that help you with placing it in time. That leads me to my second point:
#2nd thing: the folklore
As you might have noticed from my previous articles, I do like mythology. Another component of the mythology (which I found even more fascinating) is folklore. If you combine it with a bit of history, you’ll get a stunning context for your story! This animation is based on Irish folklore and history (just as The Secret of Kells, and The Song of the Sea).
You can sense that they put all the knowledge they had about it to tell a compelling narrative.
But what is even better than just having the right context?
#3rd thing: the language
Not only did they adapt it to a historic context with a certain folklore, but they also adapted the language. People speak English, like in England, but also English with an Irish accent! The mythological creatures even say Irish words.
It is so cute.
What is not-so-good about it?
Well, I think you can say the plot is not as engaging as you think. But it largely depends on the spectators. The plot revolves around a girl, Robyn Goodfellowe, and her father who works as a hunter. He is commissioned by the Lord Protector to kill all the wolves from the area. However, his daughter, Robyn, befriends a WolfWalker, a girl named Mebh, and she is determined to help Mebh protect her land and kin. From then on, the real story unfolds and goes simply magical.
It feels a little predictable, and more fit for a younger audience (child, teenagers) or parents. I think that people who are used to more mature plots (like Princess Mononoke) might feel it weaker.
Behind all the magic, there are two hidden narratives that you can remark quite soon (but I won’t tell them so that I won’t spoil the animation), so you might lose interest in the movie.
All in all, it is an animation that you should watch through the lens of a child. This way you can be amazed, and feel the magic. I highly recommend watching it with friends so that you can laugh a bit more.
It is simply 1h43m of magic, lovely songs, and cute characters.

Do you want to make a watchlist? Check out this animation too.



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