Amazon products to complete your perfect braces kit


Those among us who wear braces are well aware of the struggle of keeping them spick and span at all times. Therefore, a braces kit is a mandatory dental gear to have in your possession. I stock up mine from Amazon and could not be more satisfied with the products I have been using so far. Check out my top four favorite dental goodies that have helped me keep my teeth on point throughout my whole treatment 

Curaprox Ultrasoft Toothbrush  


‘What is special about the Curaprox toothbrush is that it is designed specially for braces. The indent in the middle of the brush is there for the purpose to perfectly fit the brackets of the braces and give them a spotless cleaning. It is so much more pleasant than a regular brush because of its soft bristles and convenient bracket groove.’  

Curaprox Interdental Brushes  


‘These interdental brushes are a must for everyone who wears braces. It can be quite a challenge to clean up the tricky places between the wires where food often gets trapped, but there is no more need for frustration with the Curaprox mini brushes. They are super practical to use and will help you keep your dental device ultra-clean and shiny.’   

Dental Relief Wax  


‘Whether you just got your braces or had some alterations made to them, the adjustment can be extremely annoying, especially for your gums which can get easily irritated and develop rather painful mouth ulcers. This orthodontic wax is a life-saving solution. It will soothe your sore gums and teeth and reduce any discomfort present in the mouth.’  

Moisturizing Lip Balm  


‘It is important to keep your lips hydrated especially if you wear braces. Taking into consideration the fact that you have metal in your mouth, it’s only natural for your lips to get dry and chapped. Fortunately, you can minimize this unpleasant feeling and nourish your lips with the Nivea Care Lip Balm. It will nurture your lips to health in no time.’   



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