Amazing underrated TV shows worth watching – Part 2

Amazing underrated TV shows worth watching - Part 1
Here you have some amazing underrated TV shows that I think deserve more love.

Good Omens

If you’re a fan of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy or anything created by Neil Gaiman, Good Omens is probably your ideal show. This quirky prize of a show centers on the demon Crowley and the angel Azir, who form an unlikely friendship. They keep it on the down-low since one is from hell and the other is from heaven and I’m pretty sure that those two don’t mix so they enjoy their time you know getting drunk, living on earth until the Antichrist is born and the two must join forces to stop the apocalypse in the final battle between heaven and hell from taking place on earth and destroy all life within it.

The visuals are great for the most part and it got a vibrant color palette to it that adds to this whimsical fantasy aesthetic. One gripe is that the CGI can get a little bit distracting but really that’s just me nitpicking. Also, if you’re a huge fan of Queen, you’ll love the soundtrack. It’s also got this hilarious script, and I am sure you will like the quirky sort of deadpan dialogue. If you like wacky shows with a modern take on angels, demons, Heaven, and Hell, then Good Omens is definitely worth watching.


On the subject of controversial religious mockery, we got the show Preacher. Based on the comics Cult Comic Series, by Garth Ennis, this show follows the crazy adventures of Jesse Custer, a chain-smoking, liquor-loving preacher with a dark past who one day gets possessed with the supernatural godlike power to command anyone to do his bidding. To better understand the purpose of his newfound power and why he was chosen, he joins forces with his trigger-happy ex-girlfriend and with a junkie alcoholic vampire Cassidy, to literally find God and ask all the questions a mortal being may have.

Of course that along the way they encounter beings from heaven and hell and some seriously depraved people. The show was adapted by Seth Rogen and Sam Catlin, the executive producer of Breaking Bad. Preacher just hit all the right notes for me in terms of fantasy, comedy, and action. The dialogue and the characters are hilarious, Cassidy is easily one of my favorite TV characters of all time. If you like dark humor and dark fantasy with really violent but fun action scenes then you’re going to have a fun time with Preacher.

Future Man

Onto to another Seth Rogen production, we have Future Man. This is a show is a sci-fi comedy that stars Josh Hutcherson who plays this janitor by day, gamer by night 23-year-old who’s hell-bent on beating the world’s most challenging video game known as the Biotic Wars. When he reaches the final level the game’s two main characters appear before him and turns out that the Biotic Wars is real and they’ve chosen Josh, who’s also named Josh in the show, to be their newest recruit and saving the world.

Once again, this is another Seth Rogen production so I have to note that it does feature your typical Seth Rogen humor, but if you like that kind of humor you’re going to have a fun time with this show. And if that’s not your thing, you can still give it a try. I personally found this show to be incredibly hilarious. This show is like a haven for pop culture and lodges and some episodes are dedicated to parodying certain formats. The characters are super likable and its fast-paced action-packed 20 minutes’ episodes make it binge-able. So if you’re a time travel junkie then I am sure you will enjoy this series.


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