Amazing underrated TV shows worth watching – Part 1

Amazing underrated TV shows worth watching - Part 1
Here are some amazing underrated TV shows that I think deserve more love.


Kicking off this list is Barry. This TV show tells the story of a soldier turned hitman who jaded by his life of crime believes he’s meant for some greater purpose. After being assigned a new job he tracks his target down to an acting class. Instead of doing his job of murdering the guy, he realizes he’s finally found the greater calling of acting.

It’s both a dark and hilarious show about morality and identity, and I may be biased but I am a huge fan of Bill Hader and he absolutely makes the show great. He shows the character’s diverse set of skills. He was the writer and the director for most of the episodes including the season 1 premiere. This show has an amazing cast like Henry Winkler and Anthony Carrigan. The show is heartfelt, intense, witty and it’s just a hidden gem of a show.


This show was a passion project miniseries between Emma Stone and Jonah Hill that premiered on Netflix. Maniac focuses on two misfit strangers, a woman named Annie who struggles from relationship problems and family issues, and Owen, the son of a wealthy family who suffers from schizophrenia. The two decide to participate in a pharmaceutical trial that promises to eliminate all their psychological problems, with no side effects whatsoever.

The two leads learn some pretty insightful stuff about themselves and each other. I love sci-fi and media that properly portrays the subject of mental health and seeing that this show was a blend of both was a pretty sweet deal for me. First off, the mental health aspects were really well approached. I recommend this for anyone who’s keen on technological sci-fi stories and of course, if you like the subjects of mental health, trauma, social relationships, then give Maniacs some love on Netflix.

Arrested Development

This show was too clever for its own good, let’s just say that. The show revolved around this dysfunctional family known as the Bluths who were incredibly rich and at the top of the real estate industry, suddenly find themselves bankrupt when their dad is arrested for fraud. At the center of it all is Michael Bluth, played by Jason Bateman. He takes on the challenge of keeping his incredibly unhinged family together, and of course, a whole lot of hilarious misfortune ensues.

So this show was incredibly well written, and I think it must be very challenging to write a unique comedy, that’s consistently hilarious with each episode, but Arrested Development excelled in doing exactly that. If eccentric characters, stylish directing, and subversive comedy are your thing then definitely check arrested development out.


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