Amazing places to visit after social distancing is over

amazing places to visit
amazing places to visit

After social distancing is over and people can travel all around the globe again, I guess they’d like to know some places where they can feel free and connected again. And maybe those places would be others than the usual. So, these are some amazing places to visit after social distancing is over!

All the places foreigners love about Europe are Paris and Sicily. They seem to have the best setup for a love story. Paris is the city of love and everyone wants to spend their honeymoon there. It’s the world-wide love cliché. On the other hand, Sicily is the place known for all the mafia stories – the perfect surrounding for the bad-boy good-girl story; the place where you want to purpose to your significant other.

But there is something even more special about Europe, some places may be overrated too, yes, but not for what it really matters. Those are some places that would go directly to your heart.

Two places that are a must-see and here is why:

Wien – connect with yourself

Wien is the first city I’ve seen from Western Europe and maybe that’s why I love it so much. You know the saying: “first love is never to forget”. I cried when I left as that city was everything I ever wanted about myself. That’s the place where I found myself.

  • Personality shaping bricks

Amazing places to visit after social distancing is overDo you know how people like a certain style and they want to try it on forever and ever and over again? That was me about the architecture I saw there. There was something about the whitish colors, the pale buildings, the 18th century arcades, and the glass skyscrapers; all in one and they were great together. I was amazed by the perfect combination of those many architectural styles. Even though they were so different, they weren’t messy; and that made me think about myself. I wasn’t messy, and I wasn’t inadequate, I was just not finished yet. My formation started there – with the shape and colors of the buildings.

  • Small shops and narrowed streets

Amazing places to visit after social distancing is over

I found myself walking through the blocks and lost in the people’s figures. They seemed so peaceful, so happy; I wanted to move there to be like that. But I didn’t and I taught myself how to be like that. All those coffee shops gave me such a home feeling, and some of them made me want to be an artist even more. I found my inspiration where I thought there is none.

You see people smiling everywhere and I aspired to be one of them. I give everyone a smile to assure that they are welcome everywhere, I give people a smile to bring a little of that city to mine – to remind myself why it started. Be that sunshine in strangers’ lives!

  • The inference

social distancing travel

I fell in love with the city that resembled me. There was something about the arteries of the city and where did they lead to. There was something in my blood that led to my heart after understanding what I saw. It was my naked soul uncovered. There was no past to mark me, only history that built me up.

The city recovered itself like that. You know it now for its Blue Danube and Johann Strauss.

Rome – connect with others

This is a city you see in every rom-com and yet, it never seems too much. Rome wasn’t a city too visit by yourself, and nor with your parents. It is a city you want to explore with your family; the one you created for yourself.

  • Engaging history

social distancing travelYou may think it was something about the Roman Empire and the tourist attraction – that, I personally think, they are a little bit overrated. But it was nothing like that. It was all about the tiny streets between the blocks, covered in flowers and vines. I, firstly, felt connected to myself and then I wished to come again with the right people and show them around. It was such a big city, I couldn’t see it all in just a week. It was such a big city that my heart seemed to find its home.

The history of the city started with its emperors. I wanted to start mine with my significant other.

  • Narrowed streets and gelato

amazing places to visit


The huge blocks made me feel so tiny but also protected. The pink blossoms made me live the moment. Holding hands reminded me of the warmth I want in my children’s hearts. There was something pleasing in the way the city was built – all the roads lead to Rome. Yet, the only way I could get lost was by searching for myself. But I wasn’t alone. The sun provided me with one light over my heart: Italian ice-cream. I was that small child again and I wondered when will I bring mine there?

“I and he are sitting in a tree: K-I-S-S-I-N-G”. The sunsets are the best around the obelisk as everything’s white and reminds me of why I love it there. Rome is that city where I want to spend all my holidays but not my life. Rome is my bubble, where time stops, and I can be in love for many-many other years. That is the place I want to grow old, clinging to a wish that became true. It’s the place where I found the sun; and he set me on fire.

amazing places to visit


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