Am I right? Why do we need to be right?

be right

“Told you!” — the phrase that make a lot of insecure people orgasm. Today we are going to analyze why people have the need to be right because I think that’s a need. This phenomenon starts really early. From a very young age, children are taught the benefits of being right. Our education system is established on the paradigm of right and wrong which is really sad. Personally, I think it’s beauty in being proven wrong, that’s debate, it’s wonderful. We need to have different opinions and make mistakes in order to develop as humans and we need to accept criticism. You don’t have to be right all the time.

Am I right? Why do we need to be right?
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Be right or Go home

The reason why we often have this urge to be right is because of the sense of belonging and that feeling that you are in touch with reality, you know how things works, so that kind of thing that helped you survive when we lived in caves and so on. Wanting to be right all the time can also be a form of misplaced intellectualism because you’re the smart one — right?

This thing could also be a trauma. Perhaps in your childhood, your parents told you that you have to be perfect and be a straight A student and so on. Yada, yada, look that I got back to the topic that I love from the bottom of my heart — psychoanalysis. Psychoanalysis is a method of analyzing psychic phenomena and treating emotional disorders that involves treatment sessions during which the patient is encouraged to talk freely about personal experiences and especially about early childhood and dreams. So, you ask the right questions in order to get the right answers that are generally related to that person’s childhood.

The need to be right can be a symptom of anxiety of abandonment. Many of us unconsciously worry that people close to them will leave. People who suffer from anxiety of abandonment are often overly sensitive to criticism, tend to take measures to avoid rejection, and work hard to please other people. Being right means being aligned with the ‘right’ way of thinking within a particular group. That’s the sense of belonging that I already told you about. Haha, TOLD YOU!

Am I right? Why do we need to be right?


I often talk to people that I don’t like and watch things that I don’t relate to just to see how other people think. I think it’s important to be aware of what’s around you. We can’t simply renagade people that are problematic and push them aside or argue with them.

Our need to be right shouldn’t deprive others of their freedom of thought and speech. Don’t give me wrong, I support equality too but I don’t think that you solve something if you yell at someone why they are wrong. I am sure that things are going to get better and people will get tired of this kind of preaching. Ok people like you and me will get the message but I don’t think that people who think women should be beaten or whatever will do so. However, only time will tell me if I am right or not because yes, I might be wrong.


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