Air fryers: are they worth all the hype?

air fryers

Air fryers ensure a healthy diet that has become an increasingly important topic for all of us in recent years. Thus, it is not surprising that technological devices for healthy food preparation are increasingly sought after.

How do air fryers work?

If you are curious about the technical mechanism behind the operation of a fryer, things are quite simple. We can compare this hot air fryer to a mini convection oven. The convection process is accelerated by means of a fan, which leads to the wrapping of food in the oven with a continuous flow of hot air. It is through this continuous movement of heat around food that we will ensure that uniform baking and browning of the food that we all adore.

Turning our attention now to the more practical part of things, I must tell you that air fryers can generally cook almost anything that can be fried or grilled. So, we can talk about french fries, baked potatoes, ripe vegetables, chicken wings, fish, meatballs, seafood, steaks, sausages, etc.

Also, the air fryer can be extremely useful if you are used to shopping in the area dedicated to frozen products. Also through such air fryers, the food can be reheated. The cooking time will be much shorter, and the foods you will eat will be much tastier and healthier.

Air fryers: are they worth all the hype?

The benefits of an air fryer

First and foremost, the time spent in the kitchen near the stove will be drastically reduced, the process of cooking the best fryer being extremely fast and easy. At the same time, the food will not only be much healthier but will be even tastier.

Due to its technologies, a hot air fryer will ensure uniform frying and full penetration of food. Also, some fryers have special functions that better protect food and prevent their continuous soaking in oil. Some foods can be prepared without a drop of oil, indeed, but most still use an extremely small amount of oil to facilitate the process of frying and baking. The oil must be evenly distributed on the surface of the food, this can be done very easily with a sprayer in the fryers.

Air fryers: are they worth all the hype?

What do you have to take into account when choosing an air fryer?

Fryer timer– even if it won’t save your food from burning, because the oil cools extremely slowly, a timer that stops feeding the fryer after a certain period of time can tell you when it’s time to take the ingredients out of the frying pan.

Safety systems– because we are working with hot oil, many precautions are necessary to prevent accidents with unwanted effects. So look at the anti-slip systems, mechanized closing of the fryer lid before starting cooking, indicator light during operation and audible warning systems to complete the frying cycle.

Heat-insulated case– the better insulated the outer case of the fryer, the lower its temperature will be during frying, all to prevent accidental injury by touching the appliance during operation.

Transparent glass or transparent case such feature can help you notice more easily when the food is done and must be removed from the fryer.


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