Aims and dreams – the essence of bringing an idea to life

aims and dreams

Aims and dreams – some would say they are the constituent elements of human reality. Dreams are aspirations, burning desires or the momentary ones we all have. From our utopian careers, which today, tomorrow, or the day-after-tomorrow will become the “worn out” roads of those who will come after us, to inventions, discoveries and more. These are sometimes born out of dreams.

What are dreams? Where do they come from? Why are people sometimes dumbfounded when hearing about them and others are inspired?

But how much do you dream every night? Have you ever dreamed of the past? Have you ever dreamed of a future that seems unlikely, but after a while it materialized?

Dreams, the antagonists of nightmares, are part of the unreal category in our life. We all know that a welcome nap with a dream is exactly what you need to charge your batteries. They help us to get away from reality, especially when we dream with open eyes. They are often very easily forgotten.

Dreams can embody characters from movies, extraordinary journeys through space and all kinds of other crazy things. In principle, most dreams start with a small “summary” of our happenings from that day.

But we you know when we dream?

During sleep, in what we call the REM phase (rapid eye movement). During this time the brain is either asleep or focused on playing something you will forget or remember for a future creation. The name derives from the fact that the eyes, although covered by eyelids, move quickly and continuously, in ways seen as chaotic, but mirror the experiences of the sleeping person.

Dreams last on average 20-30 minutes, and any individual can have more than one per night. It all depends on the variation of the sentiments felt during the day as well as the evolution of fatigue.

Over time, people have attributed different symbolic values to the things we dream about.

For example, it is said that if you dream the symbol of the feline, of the femininity, which is the cat, it means that you will have a revelation in a few days, or that you will meet a very good friend as soon as possible.

What does dreaming of cataclysms mean?

It means that we feel insecure about a recently made decision or the rest of our responsibilities. At the same time, this type of dream often inspires people to be more punctual and not to stress unnecessarily, regardless of things they have to do or not.

The pursuit, in a dream, of flying numbers, dubious UFOs or all manner of other strange and weird things is seen as a sign of unresolved problems. Often, people tend not to leave them in the “waiting” stage after these signs.

Those who dream of their own death or those of loved ones feel encouraged to break the routine and change their lives. In the end, they either make no mistake or choose not to have time for themselves.

Water in the dream does not mean that they drank too much before bed, that they are thirsty in the dream. Water is the symbol of the emotions and the subconscious. When this is unclear, it represents uncertainty. When the water is clear as a mountain spring, it shows the calmness of the individual.

And yet how do aims and dreams come together? What if you dream of a prototype or the plot of a novel?

Dreams help to stabilize the spiritual, emotional, physical, mental as well as cognitive (most of the time) human condition. The cool part about them is that they inspire. And they inspire so much! Aims are the aspirations, desires, and plans, to achieve inspiration from dreams. And if you dream that you have a new idea, which surprises you, it means that you have to get out of bed and put in the effort. Immediately!

In case you want to know more about dreams, check this link.

Every morning when we open our eyes there is a minimal chance of waking up after a dream that will motivate us extraordinarily. We hope that we can reach our potential and that we will fulfill our aims one day.

You can never know who you might become after a revealing moment, so try to write/record your dreams and fight day by day to fulfill your aims. Maybe it inspires you to write books according to your own laws or even reinvent the wheel!

Author: Roxana Grigoras (Syryus)


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