Adult braces – an absolute yes or a hard pass? 


Braces are mostly worn by teenagers and pre-adolescence children simply because that’s the most common age of starting treatment for your teeth. However, it’s not uncommon for people to wear them way past this age which is nothing to be embarrassed about although many do feel this way. I am 23 years old and proud to say that I have adult braces. Did it tremendously affect my life? No. Do people see me differently? No. Am I being treated differently? Absolutely not.   

If someone is suffering from high blood pressure, they would immediately consult their doctor since leaving it untreated can lead to more serious consequences. The same thing applies to braces. They are a part of orthodontic treatment to correct your teeth which at the end of the day help you eat. Here are some reasons why these dental devices can be worn at any age without being ashamed of them.   

Braces can boost your confidence over the roof  

Confidence never goes out of style. The more you feel confident the happier you’ll be and consequently, experience a better quality of life. Teeth play a major role in boosting your self-esteem. I understand that looks aren’t everything, but that one crooked tooth made me feel so self-conscious that I would sometimes cover my mouth with my hand when I laughed. From personal experience, something that I never imagined I would say is that braces made me fall in love with myself. The fact that they are going to give me a stunning result made me love them so much that I can’t imagine living without them.   

Braces can help you establish a better relationship with food  

For those who have never worn them, this might come as a surprise. Let me clarify. Once you put those bad boys in, you will need to adjust your diet a bit. You can continue eating anything you like, however, hard candy, chips, popcorn, chewing gum, nuts and any other kind of crunchy or sticky food are strictly off the menu. Not only you will eliminate food that causes cavities and can ruin your health, but you will also learn to eat more carefully and slowly and not overeat yourself which is a problem all of us face.

Furthermore, you might want to ease up on the caffeine intake, wine drinking, and soda or tea consumption since these beverages can stain the brackets of the braces. I am not saying to stop living your life during the time you wear braces. On the contrary, they will teach you to consume a little bit of everything in moderation and balance.  

Don’t forget about the health benefits 

Besides giving you a Hollywood smile, these orthodontic devices offer another even more irresistible perk: healthy teeth. Since straight teeth can be cleaned properly so much easier than crooked ones, you are less exposed to cavities and gum diseases. Moreover, it is well known that teeth problems impact our whole body. So, does it matter that you wear adult braces if they will improve not only your oral hygiene but your overall health as well? It’s a killer combination you cannot pass.  

Nowadays the options are boundless 

Thanks to the rapid medical development in orthodontics, we no longer have the more painful and less aesthetic braces of the 80s. If you are slightly embarrassed or uncomfortable wearing the traditional braces, there is nothing to stress about. Dentists of the 21st century got you covered. These days you can choose from an abundance of treatments for your teeth.

Although the metal braces have remained to be the norm, they have been modernized in a way and their appearance can be accustomed to the patient’s wishes by choosing the color of the rubber bands of the braces which can be changed at each appointment. If you wish your orthodontic treatment to be left incognito, you can opt for the lingual braces (which go behind your teeth), go with porcelain braces (almost tooth-colored braces with a camouflage effect) or choose Invisalign (also called clear aligners).  

Don’t let your age stop you from getting your dream smile. In the end, braces represent a medical treatment just like any other treatment for your body. There is no shame in wearing them as an adult and I am sure you are going to rock them. Better late than never, right? 


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