Adolescence is a tough time


I, maybe you or maybe even your child.

We are teenagers. We need time. We are going through a period of “anxiety”. However, I don’t know if the anxiety is for us or … For you, as a parent, but I know that now, during adolescence, we live with intensity any emotion, and feeling. Adolescence is one of the sub-stages of the transition between puberty and youth, considered by some thinkers as a “second birth”.

Why is this seen like that? Let’s do an exercise of the imagination. After being born, more precisely after the first year of life, the child explores, he’s curious, wants to know everything that is happening around him. After puberty, we want to complete our image of the world and determine our meaning in life more or less influenced by those around us and in different ways.

I also consider adolescence, mostly the high school period, the critical period for humans. It’s that time when we begin to build our future. If we do not work now for what we want to do, when can we recover what we didn’t do in time?

Most of the time, we are more or less helped by those around us to start doing something with our lives, to build our future; here the interpersonal relations intervene: the relations between parents and children and the friendship-considered sometimes the most important relationship, but especially here we intervene.

Lacrimioara Domide is among those who have chosen to build a beautiful future through everything she has done so far. She was a great student, and she even participated in National Contests. This revealed to me how she manages to work so beautifully for her future, combining the useful with the pleasant.

You can find here how can you invest your time better.

Q: Why do you choose to study when you could otherwise spend your free time, going out with friends, for example?

The way you orient yourself in life influences this aspect. Adolescence is both the “age of discovery”, but also a phase. The phase in your life when you draw a relatively definite purpose for the future. With good time management, you can have both learning time and recreational outings. For me, my career is more important right now.

Q: Do you consider that you have ever been negatively or positively influenced by those around you in terms of school performance?

No, I am a person who is guided by her own goals. Of course, I am open to suggestions and take into account the opinions of those around me. This happens as long as they are in some way consistent with my aspirations and what I like to do. Encouragement and affective support are often a positive indirect influence in achieving performance.

Q: After what principles do you guide yourself in life?

I think as long as you do what you love, you will succeed. My principles are based on one idea. As long as what you do represents you and you do it dearly, you are a fulfilled person. If you are right with both yourself and others, you have no way of failing.



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