5 great activities to get rid of boredom

5 great activities to get rid of boredom
I think everyone has these moments when they don’t know what to do or what activities should they try, instead of staying and doing nothing. It would be just another wasted day. There are so many activities to do, even inside your own house, and being a person who doesn’t like to be lazy, I’ve tried everything I’ve discovered, that would make my day a better one.

Here are some of my favourite activities, that I’ve tried:

1. Dance

I love music and I love dancing! It is an amazing activity when you don’t want to do sports, but you still want to get fit and stay healthy. And it could be a nice activity to do it indoors, and you don’t have to go to a special dancing place. Just move a bit your furniture, put on some music and have fun!

If you are very passionate or you want to become a better dancer, you can watch some tutorials on Youtube or apps that can teach you. Or even better, you can let out your creativity and realize your own dancing moves, but be careful not to get injured.

2. Do sports

5 great activities to get rid of boredom

With this pandemic situation nowadays, it’s a bit harder to go to a gym or do jogging in parks, but you can still maintain your health by doing sports at your home. And if you don’t have weightlifting at home and you don’t want to buy some, you can always improvise!

But is not necessary to use weightlifting, you can also do other activities which are related to sports, like yoga, fitness, pilates, and many more! The only thing that you need is willpower to start your healthy life and boredom will disappear.

3. Draw/Paint

5 great activities to get rid of boredom

This is another one of my favourites activities that I enjoy doing every time I have free days. And is also a way of relaxing your mind and showing off your creativity, even though you are talented or not. When it comes to art, there are no limits to creating a masterpiece.

That’s why I love so much this activity, you can express yourself through art. Moreover, if you want to surpass yourself, there are so many tutorials of art techniques to perfect yourself. With time and patience, you can do everything!

4. Read a book


An activity that everyone can do and also a relaxing one. You can enjoy a good book with a nice coffee or tea and have a little time for yourself. There are so many interesting genres of books to choose from and guide you through an imaginary world.

What is more, you can diversify your preferences with different old or new works of literature, or if you prefer something more realistic, with books about historical events and about culture and science. The options are limitless, and I can assure you that you will never get bored.

5. Cook

5 great activities to get rid of boredom

I think this kind of activity can be really useful and you can also save money by trying to learn different kinds of recipes and make really good food. And if you are also talented, you can show your abilities through some fancy and delicious dishes.

Another advantage of learning how to cook is that, instead of just staying and complaining that you can’t go to a restaurant because of the virus and you can’t eat your favourite food, you can learn how to do it as many times as you want. Also, you can learn how to do new and interesting kinds of dishes from many places, if you have a passion for different cultures and types of food.

These are some of the activities which I’ve tried and now I can’t stop doing them. But I am really eager to discover new activities and I will definitely show them to you!


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