Absolutely delicious Asian food and drinks: 3 places in Bucharest


Have you ever wanted to eat more ramen, mochi, dumplings, and drink bubble tea, but you don’t know where to exactly find Asian food or drinks? I’m here to help. Here are three of my favorite places that sell/serve Asian food and drinks in Bucharest:

KJ Center 

This is one of the places that I visit the most when I am craving Asian food. If you love ramen and noodles as much as I do, KJ Center is the perfect store to go to. The regular instant noodles that are being sold at your nearest supermarket are nothing compared to the ones you can find at KJ Center, trust me.  

If you’re a Korean or Japanese cuisine enthusiasthere you will be able to find different types of tteokbokki, ramen, dumplingspocky, mochi, snacks, and beverages.  

If you can’t physically go or you live in a different city, they make deliveries as well, but take into consideration that deliveries are a little bit pricier. 

Absolutely delicious Asian food and drinks: 3 places in Bucharest

Bubble T Coffee Shop 

In my opinion, Bubble T is the best café where you can find bubble tea, coffee, and other Asian drinks. And, honestly, it’s not like there are many places in Bucharest where you can find a truly delicious boba drink. So, Bubble T Coffee Shop definitely takes the crown 

It’s a pity that there aren’t many places where you can get boba and tapioca drinks in Bucharest. But I can definitely see more of these boba shops opening in the future! 

Absolutely delicious Asian food and drinks: 3 places in Bucharest

Seoul Restaurant 

Seoul Restaurant is one of the few places that serves authentic Korean food and drinks. I went there last year and it was definitely worth it. Here you will find japchae, bulgogi, kimchi, tteokbokkijajangmyeon and even soju.  

Don’t forget that you must make a reservation before going. Also, take into consideration that the food is a little bit pricy! 


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