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4 easy ways of incorporating more vegetables into your diet

The reason most people don’t really eat that many vegetables is because they thing they taste bad – and that’s largely because they’re not cooking or seasoning them properly.

Korean food: 9 amazing foods you should try!

If you are the kind of person who likes spicy food, Korean food is the perfect fit! It is also very healthy, it contains a lot of vegetables, fermented ones and food is not cooked in a lot of oil.
Smoothies: 5 mouth-watering healthy recipes

Smoothies: 5 mouth-watering healthy recipes

Whether you are vegan, trying to lose weight, tone up, or simply enjoy eating healthy, smoothies are the way to go.

A few meat substitutes you should definitely try sometime

Do you want to eat healthier? You can try these meat substitutes that are not only delicious, but also beneficial for your health!

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