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Nutritious and delicious vegan foods packed with protein 

When people say vegans have a protein deficit, it makes my blood boil. Here you have some vegan protein options to fuel your body the right way.

Delightful vegan dessert recipes in less than 20 minutes 

Like most people, I find myself in an uncontrollable urge to indulge in some sugary sweets Luckily, I have found a healthy solution: vegan dessert.

Three delicious vegan alternatives to start off your 2021 right!

Want to start 2021 with a brand new lifestyle? Here are some delicious vegan alternatives that you can try at home that will not disappoint!

3 easy ways to make porridge using the microwave

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and porridge is one of the best healthy options for it. Here are my favourite ways to make it.
4 Easy and Vegan Chia Pudding Recipes

4 Easy And Vegan Chia Pudding Recipes

Chia pudding might be the answer to most of your cravings if you find the best recipe for your needs. Check this out if you want some ideas.

Veganuary – the newest challenge on the horizon

Veganuary is more than a challenge. It's a social movement that promotes the importance of both environmental sustainability and a healthy lifestyle.

Vegan lifestyle: 3 startling vegan recipes that will get you started

Three mouthwatering dishes will give you a new perspective on vegan food and change your lifestyle for the better. Check them out here.

Save the animals, save the planet, GO VEGAN!

The vegan diet is a powerful weapon that can help us combat climate change save animal lives and protect our planet. Read the details here.

Top 4 affordable brands you need to try – Switch to...

Thinking about making a change in your life and becoming more environmentally conscious? You can start with this!

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What are the signs that I’m in a toxic relationship?

What are the signs that I’m in a toxic relationship?

When you are in toxic relationship you can find a reason to leave behind and be happy. Nobody can hold a relationship together when they are the only one doing the work.