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Black man killed

Black Man Killed During Police Intervention on Monday

A black man was killed on Monday evening during police intervention. Chocked to death by an officer kneeling on his neck, his case brough back a similar one from 2016.
Murder-suicide in Pittsburgh

Murder-suicide in Pittsburgh: Professor researching COVID-19 found dead!

A professor researching COVID-19 at the University of Pittsburgh was found dead on Saturday. He was very close to making a crucial discovery about the new Coronavirus when he was found dead in his home.
Murder Hornets

Tired of 2020? Enter Murder Hornets in North America

Agriculture might face very difficult times if these insects interfere with pollination and honeybees.
trump in denial about coronavirus

Trump, still in denial about the severity of the coronavirus crisis

Coronavirus has been infecting and killing people for three months now while causing at the same time serious economical issues. But does Trump realize how bad it truly is?
Coronavirus in New York

10,000 people died from the Coronavirus in New York

Governor Andrew Cuomo gives tragic news: over ten thousand died from CoVid-19 in New York.
People formed lines to vote

Wisconsin people formed lines to vote, despite the COVID-19 pandemic

Even if the coronavirus threat is still ongoing and in full power, people in Wisconsin went to cast their ballots on Tuesday morning.
nervous breakdown

Trump: nervous breakdown at a coronavirus conference!

When confronted about some mistakes made in his coronavirus response movement, President Trump lashed out.
the war in Afghanistan ends

(VIDEO) The war in Afghanistan ends after 18 years! The US...

(VIDEO) The war in Afghanistan ends after 18 years! The US has made peace with the Taliban! The United States has reached a global...

What is the Coronavirus and how it spreads?

Whereas Ebola, cancer and other diseases that are classified as "fatal", there is a new virus that threatens our Planet. Its name is Coronavirus. Imperial...

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