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Germany charges China

Germany charges China with €149 billion for ‘coronavirus damages’

Germany decided to charge China a €149 billion bill for “coronavirus damages”. They aren’t the only country that took this path, as France, the UK and the US are directing their anger towards China.
United States passed the peak

Trump said that the United States “passed the peak “of coronavirus...

Trump declares that the United States already passed the peak of coronavirus cases and he is slowly pushing to bring the nation’s economy back to life.
Social distancing

Social distancing in US may last until 2022 if no vaccine...

American scientists predict that in the US, social distancing may not end until 2022, unless a vaccine is quickly found. 
US Coronavirus

Is the US prepared for Coronavirus climax? | Opinion

The US was seen as the state that had everything under control, but now we are asking: are we prepared to fight Coronavirus climax? Who is to blame for the country's failures?
US surpassed Italy

US surpassed Italy in death toll, becomes the world’s highest!

The US has now surpassed Italy in Coronavirus deaths, making it the country with the highest death toll from COVID-19. More than 20,000 people passed away after getting infected with the virus.
US coronavirus deaths

US could expect at least 100.000 coronavirus deaths

The White House said on Tuesday that the US could expect between 100,000 and 240,000 coronavirus deaths, even with social distancing. "What would happen...
Multiple rockets

Green Zone in Baghdad, hit by multiple rockets! US coalition denies...

According to Iraqi authorities, multiple unguided Katyusha rockets struck Baghdad’s Green Zone. They struck the fortified area on Tuesday, hitting homes in the Jadriya...

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