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5 Christmas Episodes from Childhood TV Shows to Get You into...

As the winter holidays are approaching, watching some Christmas episodes from beloved TV series may be exactly what you need to get into the...

4 captivating Netflix shows that are worth binging

Nowadays, almost everyone’s got a Netflix subscription, and more often than not you may find yourself looking for new shows to binge watch.

3 great shows worth binge watching for Game of Thrones lovers

Being featured as IMDB’s most watched TV show, Game of Thrones was nothing short of a cultural phenomenon.
the queen's gambit

Review: The Queen’s Gambit – enjoyable, fascinating and beyond captivating 

Here's a sneak peek at “The Queen’s Gambit” and why it has become a must-watch and Netflix's newest sensation.
la casa de papel

‘La Casa de Papel’: 4 amazing lessons that will stay engraved...

Even though “La Casa de Papel” has reached its end, the show will be kept alive in everyone’s memories through these epic lessons.
Modern Cartoons

Modern Cartoons: 3 Reasons Why Grown-Ups Love Them

A year ago, the well-known children’s show Avatar: The Last Airbender experienced a spike in popularity after it came to Netflix in the United States. It’s not the only cartoon that even grownups love – Steven Universe, The Owl House, and She-Ra and the Princesses of Power are just a few examples of animated shows that are popular with people of all ages. But what is it that draws us to them despite not being part of the target audience?
lgbt shows

4 exciting LGBTQ TV shows to check out

Here you have 4 of my favorite LGBTQ TV shows that I recommend if you're looking to binge-watch a new show.
toxic messages

3 Toxic Messages that are all over the Media

Media is full of toxic messages, but I've chosen three of the most prevalent ones for this article.

5 reasons to start watching RuPaul’s Drag Race

If you're not watching RuPaul's Drag Race then you are missing out on the greatest reality TV shows out there. But don't worry, you can start now!
tv mini series

5 amazing TV mini series that you have to watch

Here you have 5 of my favorite TV mini series that you have to check out. They're your best choice if you don't feel like starting a long TV show.

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