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Delay the 2020 election

Trump Wants To Delay The 2020 Election. Is He Afraid Of...

Trump’s latest tweet doesn’t match the term ”democracy”. That’s the conclusion drawn by CNN after his wish to delay the 2020 Election that is...
Donald Trump racist

Joe Biden Calls Donald Trump A Racist!

Joe Biden calls Donald Trump America’s first racist President. He thinks that the way Trump treats people based on the color of their skin...

Trump’s Niece Claims He Has Psychological Disorders In Her New Book

Is it true or is it just family drama? Well, I guess we’ll never know 🤷🏻‍♀️

Trump encourages governors to use aggressive tactics against protestors

Is this the first time Trump encourages violence? Of course not. Read everything about it, right here!

Billie Eilish, harsh message for Trump: “Eat A D**k and Choke...

Trump's ignorant attitude regarding George Floyd's death has gotten on everybody's nerves. See what Billie Eilish has to say about the President!
trump in denial about coronavirus

Trump, still in denial about the severity of the coronavirus crisis

Coronavirus has been infecting and killing people for three months now while causing at the same time serious economical issues. But does Trump realize how bad it truly is?
Pharmacies tests

COVID-19 Tests Now Allowed In Pharmacies In New York

Pharmacies will now be allowed to carry coronavirus tests in the state of New York!
Trump ban immigration

Trump to temporary ban immigration into the US due to Coronavirus

President of the United States Donald Trump claimed in a tweet late Monday that he will “ temporarily ban” immigration into the country.
Germany charges China

Germany charges China with €149 billion for ‘coronavirus damages’

Germany decided to charge China a €149 billion bill for “coronavirus damages”. They aren’t the only country that took this path, as France, the UK and the US are directing their anger towards China.
COVID-19 started earlier

COVID-19 virus rumoured to have started earlier and not in Wuhan

The Coronavirus pandemic might have started earlier and not in Wuhan, found an ongoing Cambridge study. The virus might have started in September and originated in Southern China.

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