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Edinburgh, Scotland, one of the best travel destinations

Aside from having one of the most beautiful sights, Edinburgh welcomes people from all around the world with kindness and invites them to start a new, healthy and pleasant lifestyle there.

Russia and 5 breathtaking places you can travel to

Russia is very diverse: there are mountains, lakes, areas with cold weather, areas with warmer weather and so on.

Macedonia: The Balkan’s captivating travel destination

Check out this hidden treasure, concealed behind its mountain ranges. Macedonia should definitely be your next travel destination.

The studying abroad experience – the key to unlocking the world

Have you ever wondered why most students find studying abroad to be such an exhilarating experience? Stick around to find out the reasons.

Comfort zone may kill your free spirit: 5 ways to get...

Staying in your comfort zone does not mean being in comfort, but risking to lose the chance to discover your true self! You are a wildflower, and the middy water that grew you might kill you! Look for a fresh puddle and don't be afraid of its size!

Castles in Europe: a forgotten history of famine and poverty

Europe is an ideal vacation spot if you want to be surrounded by breathtaking views. Many castles and palaces have been key attractions for...

Why Sighisoara is worth a visit any time of the year

Sighisoara is a town in Transylvania that is sometimes overlooked by travellers, but you can visit it any time of the year!

5 of Africa’s most incredible places you have to visit

If you have the chance to visit Africa, just do it!

Bruges – the prettiest town in Europe

Bruges is a town that has that special something, Discover with me why I consider it the prettiest town in Europe.

Guide to : Korean Culture and Civilization

Ever since the 1990s, Hallyu or the so-called "Korean Wave" has been spreading across the globe, and for good reason. As South Korea started...

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“Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until...

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Here are 5 great green flags that say a lot about people!

We’ve briefly discussed red flags. It's what you have to avoid. But have you thought about green flags? Let us see the green side of humanity!

5 Useful skills to learn this year

Every beginning of year is an opportunity to start over. In this period, you feel way more motivated and you might have the intention to start doing and learning brand new things. If you feel overwhelmed and you have no clue where should your journey begin, I have some useful, not so useful skills, you might consider giving a chance to.