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College: 5 helpful things I wish I knew before

Time passes by quicker than we imagined. And the thought of growing up is scary. Here are some things I wish I knew before going to college.

Long-distance relationships: myths versus reality

Do you find yourself lost when it comes to your long-distance lover? It shouldn't be hard! Let's combat the myths about long-distance relationships!

Get help if you experience mental health problems

Receiving help is the most important thing one can do for himself when it comes to mental health. You just have to find the courage.

Nostalgic sitcoms to watch this winter

Nostalgic sitcoms are the best remedy for the stress accumulated during this period. So sit back and choose one of these sitcoms that will surely make you laugh heartily.

Outdated Myths About Teenagers You Need to Stop Believing

If you are young, here are some myths about teenagers you need to stop believing in order to live your teenage years to the max!

Social media: Hiding behind beauty filters

We are obsessed with looking perfect and fitting into the social standard of beauty. The increase in usage of the beauty filters is only making it worse, by giving us a "foxed" version of ourselves.

Here is why TikTok is not just a kids app, anymore

this is for the ones that think they are too mature or old for tiktok. here are a few reasons why this app is so much more than you think!

Romance novels that will make you cry your heart out

I chose a few romance novels that I read with tears in my eyes and that followed me for a long time after I finished them.

Nomophobia or the smartphone anxiety

Nomophobia is considered a disorder specific to today's society, which consists of anxiety, nervousness and suffering caused by not having a phone or computer.

How the eye color reflects your personality

Have you ever wondered what your eye color says about you?

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Famous Russian Authors Worth Reading: a chronological list – Part 5

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