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Being a teen in the 2010s: a delightful trip down memory...

My generation went through an exciting experience because of the technological advancements that took place in our teen years. We literally went from playing outside all day to texting each other in class on tiny phones and later creating social media profiles on smartphones bigger than our hands. It doesn't sound like much, but looking back, I wouldn't change anything about my chaotic growing-up experience.

Teenagers – 3 seriously difficult obstacles we have to face

Parents usually tell you when you are a teenager that these are the best years of your life. However, life as a teenager is not that easy.

Poetry: 3 poems from a fearless teenager

Is common for teenagers to express their traumas or wounds through art and poetry. Here are my own wounds and the art I've made with them.
high school

High school: 2 significant things you should know

During high school, you build a version of yourself that will always be there, even though you lose yourself, a part of you from that time will always be there in your heart.

Tiktok – 4 stunning reasons why it is an educational app

There is no chance you haven’t seen at least one tiktok, heard about it or even done some tiktoks when you live in the 21st century!
Dead Poets Society

Dead Poets Society – the American film from 1989

Dead Poets Society is a 1989 American film directed by Peter Weir. The film received the Academy Award nominations for Best Director, Best Picture and Best Actor for Robin Williams. 
long-lasting friendships

Long-lasting friendships: 5 easy ways to keep them

Long-lasting friendships are one of life’s greatest gifts. In this article, I will share my story and some tips on how to preserve long-lasting friendships.

College: 5 helpful things I wish I knew before

Time passes by quicker than we imagined. And the thought of growing up is scary. Here are some things I wish I knew before going to college.
Long-distance relationships: myths versus reality

Long-distance relationships: myths versus reality

Do you find yourself lost when it comes to your long-distance lover? It shouldn't be hard! Let's combat the myths about long-distance relationships!
mental health

Get help if you experience mental health problems

Receiving help is the most important thing one can do for himself when it comes to mental health. You just have to find the courage.

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Sigmund Freud’s Depiction of Daddy/Mommy Issues

The idea of daddy/mommy issues is quite recurrent in present-day society. It is one of the main issues Gen Z is struggling with. Even though this may seem new, Freud actually discussed it a long time ago.

The pros and cons of shaving or buzzing your hair off

If you are considering shaving your head, consider reading this article about the pros and cons of shaving or buzzing your hair off.

7 amazing manhwas with a villainess as the protagonist (1)

Manhwas with a protagonist which plays the role of a villainess has recently become one of the top searched manhwa plots in 2020.

Love is a commitment and a choice, not a feeling. Love isn’t enough

We are too young to be sad over an unfulfilled realtionship: it's about commitment, not a feeling. It's an every day choice!

Another top 7 manhwas with a villainess as the protagonist (2)

There are a lot of great manhwas with a villainess as the protagonist. One list wouldn't do this topic justice so here is another...