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Top 15 crazy festivals from all over Spain – Part 2

We're continuing our journey through the most peculiar festivals that took part in Spain with a second article. This time I'm gonna show you...

Top 15 crazy festivals from all over Spain – Part 1

Are you planning to visit Spain anytime soon? Well, you should know that Spain is a country full of tradition, some of them a...

Spain’s borders will remain closed this summer!

Shortly after giving children more freedom, Spain decided to close its borders over the summer, allowing nobody to enter or to leave the national territory.
home care

The truth behind Spain’s nursing homes tragedy

The pandemic hit Spain hard, and a lot of residents from nursing homes were infected. The article below deals with the sad story of such an elderly and the situation that Spain is in.
Thousands return to work

Thousands return to work after Spain relaxes its pandemic regulations

As Psain decides to relax its pandemic rules, thousand of people that have no way of working from home will be returning to their workplace.
Spain Coronavirus deaths

Spain overtakes China in Coronavirus deaths!

China has been overtaken by Spain in Coronavirus deaths and the worst is yet to come.
Spain and Portugal close borders coronavirus outbreak

Spain and Portugal close borders due to Coronavirus outbreak

We can say that the situation is really bad in Europe. Spain and Portugal close borders due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Portugal is suspending...
coronavirus spain

Coronavirus: Spain has up to 1,500 new cases!

Spain is the most affected country in Europe, after Italy which has it the worst possible. Italy has more than 15,000 cases of Coronavirus....

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