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free speech

Free speech: 3 arguments of its great importance

Free speech is part of the foundation of a rational, truth-seeking society. As such, here are some arguments of its importance - even nowadays!
Pretty privilege: its shocking 2021 existence

Pretty privilege: its shocking 2021 existence

There are many different types of supposed privileges, but does pretty privilege really exist? Here are intriguing situations pertaining to the issue.
dystopian novel

3 Devastating dystopian novels to help you get through COVID

Given the fact that in this particular moment we kind of live in a dystopian society, I have been looking for solace in my favorite dystopian novels.
beauty ideals

Beauty ideals: the Persian princess that shocked the world

Will we meet the exact same beauty ideals if we go back to the 19th century or will our jaws drop when we learn what people considered beautiful? 

Breaking down the science behind platonic love

Romantic love is about sexual attraction and physical intimacy, while platonic love is beyond that, it's the purest and honest part of love.

The importance of mental health awareness in our society

How many people talk about how to take care of our mind and of our mental health? Sadly, not so many.

The biggest lie: opposites attract. Such a myth, can you believe?

It's a myth strenghten by the society, this "attraction" won't last and it's not healthy because opposites don't attract.

The World We Live In

It's easy to wear a mask, but it's best to embrace yourself. The 'society' can wait.

We are just puppets in the hands of society

Most of the time, because of our need for validation and appreciation, we wish to be accepted in society. A totally natural and normal...

Tobacco and alcohol – Two addictions accepted by society

When talking about drugs, tobacco and alcohol are many times left out in favor of marijuana or cocaine. In the case of the latter,...