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boiled eggs

Perfect boiled eggs: how to make them

"As far as I know, fresh eggs are difficult to peel, while older eggs peel easier."

Reading: its clear and certain importance

Why is reading such an important aspect in our lives? Is it still considered a necessity or is it just another hobby? Here's why reading is important.

Learning languages and the effects on the mind

Learning languages is a fascinating process, albeit a complex one. Here are some of the effects this can have on your mind!

Career outlook:  Is there a possible red herring in your professional...

Choosing a professional career is a difficult decision to make? Is it about your familial influence? Then reading this article may help you.
Three Benefits of Reconnecting with Nature

3 Amazing Benefits of Reconnecting with Nature

I turned away from the laptop screen and went outside instead, so here are three benefits of reconnecting with nature that I discovered!