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Smile: 3 helpful things I do to not lose myself

Doing the things I love helps me keep my smile, they help me to not lose myself again and to let go of my toxic traits, panic attacks, trust issues. Go and find your things and do them every day!

Last time: significant reasons to make it count!

This is your last time, so make it count! Last time you cared too much, last time you lost yourself, last time you took things and people for granted. Your future self is waiting for you to make the right decisions and you will be able to do this only if it's your last time. Now go up there and work for your future self!

Your twenties: 3 helpful things you need to know

At this age, you may feel lost but you are not alone; so here you have 3 things to know in your twenties. Things that, maybe, will help you find yourself.

Here are 5 simple red flags that say a lot about...

Do you know what red flags are? Most certainly you've met at least one person who showed their true "red flags". Let us dive deeper into this matter!

Breaking down the science behind platonic love

Romantic love is about sexual attraction and physical intimacy, while platonic love is beyond that, it's the purest and honest part of love.

Flattered by the bare minimum? Remember how unique you are!

You'll lose yourself if you let yourself get flattered by the bare minimum. Chin up, remember who you were before you met them and let them go.

If I were my mother I’d tell me…to wait. Now, I’m...

My mother always knows better, I should have wait and now look at me: grown up and scared! Mom, can you pick me up? Life is crazy!

3 things to know if you are a teenager and life...

As a teenager you may worry a lot, but life is not that hard. Stop stressing so much and live your life, it's never too late!

Don’t shout! Why won’t you use your imagination instead?

Have you ever thought about the ways in which your way of talking or expression affects your relationships and the people around you?

Dating apps- The new way of meeting and knowing people?

There are a lot of dating apps around here which help you meet “the one”. Theoretically.

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