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How to become a well-organized person in 6 easy steps

The inability to organize my daily tasks within a defined timeframe has caused me anxiety and stress, a poor self-image and sleepless nights, not to mention all the significant moments and great events I have missed out on. These 6 steps helped me stay more organized:

Exam session: Exams and my inability to be productive after an...

After exam session thoughts: Besides the rational and physical energy we put into our exams, we also invest emotional energy. Growing up, we may have been raised to believe that a grade says something about our character, our ability, or interest. But does it?

Books: 4 simple ways to read more this year

Are you a student or do you read for leisure? Either way, there are some easy steps to help you read more books this year. Happy reading!
productivity apps

3 productivity apps you should try

With every generation, productivity becomes more and more important. If you need some help with organizing your time, try these productivity apps:
Why you should embrace solitude

Why you should embrace solitude

Are you feeling unproductive and suffering from a lack of ideas? Find out how the embrace of solitude can help you in life!

How breaks can lead to a healthy lifestyle

Being active is essential for a healthy lifestyle, but at the same time we deserve to take some breaks. Find out about the benefits of breaks here.

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