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Freedom: how Mill saw it

Freedom: a minimalist introduction into John Stuart Mill’s philosophy

We live in a society that often takes our freedom and runs we it, we have rights not being respected, fake-news everywhere and we find ourselves not being sure of what we should do about it. Sure, informing ourselves from safe sources, but what about the morality of it? What about the morality behind our actions regarding others? Living in a democratic country where I can do pretty much anyything, where does my freedom stop?     John Stuart Mill would say that when the freedom of another individual starts.

Replacing Humans with Canine Electoral Candidates

Have you ever thought that the political system needs some changes in order to offer the stability we desire? Well, citizens of Rabbit Hash, Kentucky have found the solution: canine electoral candidates! Yes, you heard it right! They have been electing dogs for mayors since 1998! 

I am young, I don’t know politics, I should not vote.

I am young, I haven't got the slightest clue about politics, why should I vote then? You are voting for your future. Just vote.

Trump glorifies violence on Twitter and doesn’t get away with it

Oops, he did it again! Donald Trump glorifies violence on Twitter and the company is not having it. Read more about the problematic post, right here!
trump in denial about coronavirus

Trump, still in denial about the severity of the coronavirus crisis

Coronavirus has been infecting and killing people for three months now while causing at the same time serious economical issues. But does Trump realize how bad it truly is?
Roger Stone, Trump's ally

Roger Stone, Trump’s ally, sentenced to prison!

Roger Stone, Trump's ally, is sentenced to over 3 years in prison. He was convicted for lying under oath and trying to block the...

I am underage, but if I could vote…

We are, mentally, controversial adults with some deregulated secretions and we act accordingly. We like making wrong choices and learn from them. Yes, we...

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What are the signs that I’m in a toxic relationship?

What are the signs that I’m in a toxic relationship?

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