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Pope Francis says US protests are “self-destructive and self-defeating”

Pope Francis doesn't stay silent about George Floyd's tragedy! See what he has to say about it, right here!

Derek Chauvin’s wife requests divorce and change of name after George...

Derek Chauvin's wife divorces the former police officer! Read more about their marriage, before and after George Floyd, right here!
Minneapolis Police Chief

Minneapolis police chief: “All four officers involved in Floyd’s death are...

Minneapolis police chief expresses his thoughts regarding George Floyd's death. See what he has to say about the murder, right here!
Murder-suicide in Pittsburgh

Murder-suicide in Pittsburgh: Professor researching COVID-19 found dead!

A professor researching COVID-19 at the University of Pittsburgh was found dead on Saturday. He was very close to making a crucial discovery about the new Coronavirus when he was found dead in his home.
Justine Trudeau

Justine Trudeau announces: Canada is banning assault-style weapons!

After the worst murder in Canada's history, Justine Trudeau, prime minister of Canada, announces that assault-style weapons will be banned...

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