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Moon phases: the extraordinary facts about them

The moon is at the smallest distance from the Earth, unlike the other celestial bodies. From ancient times, the Moon has been a real mystery, being revered by most peoples through rituals of thanksgiving for protection and protection from the unknown forces of evil.
the moon

The Moon: 5 impressive facts about Earth’s satellite

The Moon has inspired artists and scientists alike. But how much do we know about it? Here are 5 impressive facts about Earth’s natural satellite. 
museum of the moon-follow-the-floating-moon-all-over-the-world

Museum of the Moon – Follow the Mesmerizing Floating Moon all...

Museum of the Moon is a three-dimensional artwork which gains new interpretations each year, as it travels around the world and meets different cultures.

Full moon this Halloween

During this spooky month, a special astronomical event will take place : the first full blue moon on Halloween since 1944.

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