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8 Tips to Memorize Better

Every day we need to memorize something new, maybe at school or at our job, so it’s essential to know some tips that could help us with this.

Memory: 3 interesting things about it

Our memory is very weird. Sometimes we remember things we have not experienced at all. But why are they so real in our minds?

Multitasking – Is anybody actually good at it?

Did you know that multitasking actually leads to wasting more productive time and making more mistakes? Read the article to find out how.
improve your memory

Improve your memory: 9 excellent techniques

There are many techniques to improve your memory and enhance intelligence that can be performed on a regular basis.

Learn more effectively: 7 practical methods

The feeling of boredom and frustration that what we wanted to learn does not stick to us is devastating. But what if the fault is not the poor memory, but the (wrong) way in which we… learned to learn ?!

Memory: how to improve it in 4 simple ways

Are you struggling with memorizing or just remembering things that you just have learned? There are some smart ways to improve your memory!

Why ”Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” is one of the...

Have you ever thought about erasing the memory of a person who hurt you? If that idea intrigues you and you enjoy watching love stories, you need to check out Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

How drawing can greatly benefit one’s life

Drawing is truly important for a person as it can present many benefits for your life. Find out how it can develop your memory.
Déjà vu

Déjà vu: when a new experience feels familiar for no reason

Déjà vu happens when a new experience feels like a familiar one. While it’s still a mystery, here is what we know so far about déjà vu.

Flashbulb Memories – Are your most vivid memories truly reliable?

In case of flashbulb memories, some people recall the events as if they happened the day before. Are these memories so reliable?