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zero waste make up

Zero waste makeup: 3 all-natural and homemade recipes

Did you know that you can make at home your favorite beauty products? Try these zero waste makeup recipes and join the trend.

Go Cruelty-Free: 5 Make-up Brands That are 100% Cruelty-Free

Let's stop supporting brands that are testing on animals. Here are 5 affordable cruelty-free make-up brands that you should check out.

Four make-up mistakes I cannot bear to see anymore

Girls! Sometimes, make-up is essential. For one, I wear make-up almost every time I go out (of course, not for errands, but on a...

3 Beauty Products Under 15$ That You Didn’t Know You Need

If you don't wanna make your pockets cry, I got you covered!

Make-up habits you could definitely live without

Avoid these trends right here if you're trying to avoid a cakey, unpleasantly looking face:
Steps For a Perfect Make-up

The 8 Holy Steps For a Perfect Make-up

Whether you're new to the make-up world or you're just looking to improve your skills, we got you covered!
underrated make-up brands

Top 3 underrated make-up brands that are actually affordable

There are many make-up brands that are not seen as worthwhile or any good. That said, here are 3 brands that are surely underrated and affordable at the same time!

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What are the signs that I’m in a toxic relationship?

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