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Marriage: 6 reasons why it is overrated

To me, marriage is nothing more than a contract you agree on signing: a contract between you and your partner and between both of you and the state. But other than the social and legal advantages it offers you, I don't understand the hype around it. Here's why I think marriage is overrated:

Humanity: 9 amazing things people do that I love

All of these things make me feel like there is still a chance, that I should not give up on humanity, at least not yet. There are still people out there who appreciate life as I do.

Life: 3 unexpected things I’m scared of

I know I am scared of life but I hope there will be someone out there who won't be as scared as me.
Love means never having to say you`re sorry

“Love means never having to say you`re sorry” – how to...

Love means never having to say you`re sorry. It sure is a captivating sentence, and it may draw you to live by it. But how to apply it in reality?

Maternal instincts: 2 motherhood types without giving birth and the strong...

Being a mother does not especially mean being a woman or giving birth. Maternal instincts mean the bond between the mother and her child. But is it necessary to give birth to feel the special bond with a child?

Here are 5 great green flags that say a lot about...

We’ve briefly discussed red flags. It's what you have to avoid. But have you thought about green flags? Let us see the green side of humanity!

Romantic relationships: 2 ingredients that make it better – independence and...

This period strongly suggests that people should celebrate their love for each other. But for sure not everyone is in a romantic relationship, and even if they were, love is lived every day, not only on the 14th of February. 
3 great gift ideas for Van Gogh lovers

3 great gift ideas for Van Gogh lovers

If you are a Van Gogh lover then you'll absolutely enjoy these gift ideas! You'll be even more obsessed with his art!
3 things I am learning in my first healthy relationship

Healthy relationships: 3 things I am learning in my first healthy...

I have to unlearn all the toxic traits they gave to me in order to have a healthy relationship, but with the right person I know I can do it!
Long-distance relationships: myths versus reality

Long-distance relationships: myths versus reality

Do you find yourself lost when it comes to your long-distance lover? It shouldn't be hard! Let's combat the myths about long-distance relationships!

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