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Coronavirus: the dreadful, life-changing 2020 pandemic

Coronavirus: the dreadful, life-changing 2020 pandemic

The Coronavirus outbreak has surprised the entire world with its disastrous nature. There is no doubt that life can never go back to normal.
Wuhan, one year after the COVID-19 lockdown

Wuhan, a year after the terrible COVID-19 lockdown

23 January 2020. Wuhan, the largest city in central China, was under lockdown. A year later, life has come back to normal. How was this possible?

Lockdown: a safety measure for some but a living hell for...

Raising awareness about the increase of the domestic abuse cases in lockdown, is very important! find out how you can help and you could save a life.

Popular trends of 2020

2020 is finally coming to an end, so let's reminisce about all of the trends that everyone has tried while being stuck at home!
Vienna shootings

 The Vienna Shootings: a new attack on democracy?

News of the Vienna shootings shocked the world. One of the perpetrators was shot by the police, but the investigation is ongoing.

100 poets unite to write a collective poem during lockdown

100 poets around the world responded to Ioana Morpurgo’s call to create collective poem and defy the limits imposed by the pandemic.

Can Writing Truly Keep You Sane?

If you're a reader, You probably also wish you'd start writing. What's holding you back? take a deep breath and dive in!

Italy’s prime minister outlines lockdown easing measures

The number of cases in Italy has been falling, and authorities believe that is time to ease the measures.
Ivanka Trump

Personal travel of Ivanka Trump defended by White House amid lockdown

Ivanka Trump has been defended by the White House for her personal trip. They stated that it was no different than her work travels.
Donald Trump

Donald Trump claims total authority to lift lockdown

President Donald Trump claims total authority over lifting the lockdown, challenging the experts’ opinions.

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Chia seeds: the surprising health benefits

Chia seeds began to become popular among healthy foods a few years ago when the big food producers chose to add these small seeds in the composition of several products - bread, yogurt, drinks.
5 Amazing Houseplants for Certified Plant Murderers

5 Amazing Houseplants for Certified Plant Murderers

Growing an indoor garden doesn’t require anything more than enthusiasm, passion, and a little dedication.
Man's best friend: 5 of the most loving dog breeds

Man’s best friend: 5 of the most loving dog breeds

We all know that a dog is a man's best friend and most of us have felt the indescribable affection this pet can offer.

Chlorophyll: 6 health benefits

Chlorophyll is one of the fundamental chemical compounds that is present in plants in large quantities, especially in green ones.