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Top 10 Women Biden Might Pick As Vice President

Biden's self-imposed deadline for deciding who's going to be his Vice President is coming. Who do you think he'll pick?

Joe Biden Takes Dominant Lead Over Trump In Latest General Election...

The former Vice President is mostly supported by women and nonwhite voters. Is this the end of Trump's mandate?

Michael Bloomberg has ended US presidental campaign!

Michael Bloomberg has ended US presidental campaign 2020! Michael Bloomberg has ended his race after the disaster, as many politicians consider, on Super Tuesday. His...

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“Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until...

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Last time: significant reasons to make it count!

This is your last time, so make it count! Last time you cared too much, last time you lost yourself, last time you took things and people for granted. Your future self is waiting for you to make the right decisions and you will be able to do this only if it's your last time. Now go up there and work for your future self!

Borderline personality disorder: what is it and how can be treated

Borderline personality disorder is characterized by emotional instability, difficulties in maintaining interpersonal relationships, self-harm, and suicidal behavior.

Hobbies: 5 amazing benefits and some examples

Hobbies are not only fun, but they have amazing benefits. Check this article to see why are they so important and some hobbies you can try.

5 Amazing Amazon Products for Your Home

Sometimes, the only interior designer you need is yourself! And sometimes all you need to spice up your home is an Amazon account. So...