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Ancient Italian village mysteriously emerges from under water

The ancient Italian village of Fabbriche di Careggine, Tuscany, has been completely submerged underwater since 1946. And it seems to be emerging to the...
oxygen in their cars

Desperate situation in Italy: Naples patients received oxygen in their cars

Outside a Naples hospital, people received oxygen in their cars while waiting in a long queue of ambulances and private vehicles.
amazing places to visit

Amazing places to visit after social distancing is over

Haven't you decided where you want to head next? Try these places and tell us what you think!
US surpassed Italy

US surpassed Italy in death toll, becomes the world’s highest!

The US has now surpassed Italy in Coronavirus deaths, making it the country with the highest death toll from COVID-19. More than 20,000 people passed away after getting infected with the virus.

Lucia Bosé died because of Coronavirus

The famous actress died in Madrid on Monday, 23 March, at the edge of 89 because of Coronavirus. Her son, Miguel confirmed the news...
left to die

Left to die! Italians that are over 80 will not be...

As the coronavirus epidemic is overwhelming the country, Italy has decided to take drastic measures. While the numbers of patients is growing every day, places...

Quarantine officially announced in Italy! Drastic measures have been taken!

Quarantine is announced in the north of Italy and not only, due to the Coronavirus epidemic on February 22, since two people were detected...

355 people are quarantined in Italy! Coronavirus affects all the community!

Coronavirus strikes again! 355 people from Italy went into quarantine after several cases of this virus were detected in Codogno.The local authorities are on...

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