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5 inexpensive skincare brands to give a try in 2022 

Skincare routines can be quite affordable if you know which brands to choose from. Here are 5 pocket-friendly brands to make your skin glow.

3 sugar-free recipes you must try this week!

Sugar is not the best choice when we want to lose weight or have a healthier lifestyle. Many people give up sweets because they have a lot of sugar.

The best (and easiest) ways to stay fit during autumn 

Staying fit should always be a priority. However, as the number of warm days decreases so does our motivation to stay active.  

Switch up your diet: transforming 3 meals into delicious vegan alternatives 

I am sharing with you my three favorite recipes that transform non-vegan meals into completely cruelty-free food. 
protein bars

Protein bars: 3 basic facts about them

Protein bars are probably the easiest and fastest way to ensure the necessary dose of food when we do not have much time. They are a nutritious food that contains a high amount of protein compared to carbohydrates or fats.

Pizza: 4 healthy low calorie recipes

Pizza is very popular and certainly the first thought is that it disappears from any diet, whether we are talking about losing weight or simply about healthy eating. This is not the case. Pizza can be a perfectly fine, low-calorie dish. Here are some recipes that will delight your taste buds.
Lemon water

Lemon water : 5 fascinating reasons to drink it everyday

Lemon water is a simple and surprisingly healthy detoxifier, ideal to start your day strong.

1-ingredient easy nut butter recipe you’ll go nuts about

Yes, the article is telling the truth. You need nothing else than your nut of choice to prepare high quality, beyond delicious, extra creamy nut butter.

9 simple food swaps to help you keep your health in check 

Small food swaps like the following ones may be of great significance for your health.  

5 brilliant recipes to keep you refreshed and unbothered all summer...

During these stifling days, it’s hard to find appetite. Here are the staple meals I prepare each summer that help me survive the insufferable heat.  

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