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4 easy ways of incorporating more vegetables into your diet

The reason most people don’t really eat that many vegetables is because they thing they taste bad – and that’s largely because they’re not cooking or seasoning them properly.

5 genius ways to make the most of food scraps

What if you knew that food scraps have more potential than just being inedible leftovers? Here are five ways on how to make the most of them.

Easy HAMBURGER edition – how to healthify your favorite comfort food

A hamburger is a classic comfort food everyone enjoys devouring. I am here to show you how to make a cruelty-free one at home.   

Avocado: the surprising health benefits

Avocado is a satiating fruit with a creamy and dense pulp. Modern cuisine has discovered its versatility, and due to its pleasant taste and aroma.

Switch up your diet: transforming 3 meals into delicious vegan alternatives 

I am sharing with you my three favorite recipes that transform non-vegan meals into completely cruelty-free food. 

Go-to meals when laziness and tiredness get the best of you...

The meals I've prepared require close to zero effort and won’t cut short any of your free time.  

Easy FRENCH FRIES recipe – How to healthify your favorite comfort food

Do I even need to mention that French fries are loved by absolutely every human being on this planet? It's almost like a universal truth.

Easy PANCAKES recipe – How to healthify your favorite comfort food

I wouldn’t particularly say I have a sweet tooth. I prefer eating salty over sweet foods, but when pancakes are concerned, even I can’t resist them.

A powerful shot of turmeric a day keeps the doctor away

You must have heard of the expression ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away.’ Nowadays that apple is often substituted by turmeric.

How to ‘healthify’ your favorite comfort food – easy NUTELLA edition 

We have all been seduced by this creamy comforting spread. Nutella can be healthified as well and I will show you the exact steps on how to do it. 

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