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fear of the dentist

Fear of the dentist: How to Overcome Dentophobia

Everybody has a traumatizing story with a dentist that made them develop a sort of fear of the dentist.

Pineapple: 6 amazing benefits you should know about

Pineapple is a noble, fragrant, delicious and exotic-looking fruit. It was not missing from the tables of kings and nobles in the past centuries

Walnuts: why should we eat them more often

Walnuts are considered by nutritionists to be healthier than almonds or hazelnuts. They are recommended for the prevention of heart disease, the health of the nervous system, the fight against cancer and diabetes, the maintenance of the beauty of the skin and the improvement of memory.
Immune system

Immune system: 8 foods that can actually boost it

The immune system is the most complex of our systems, being present everywhere in the body and weighing as a whole, between 1.5 and 2 kilograms. It is in fact the one who fulfills the role of an equipment for the defense of the body's health, rejecting millions of threats every day.

Avocado: the surprising health benefits

Avocado is a satiating fruit with a creamy and dense pulp. Modern cuisine has discovered its versatility, and due to its pleasant taste and aroma.

Running: 5 reasons why it’s so important for us

Running is not only a pleasant activity but also a way to keep yourself fit and healthier. Running strengthens muscles and bones, and it is a wonderful workout.

Raspberries: 6 fascinating reasons to start eating them

Raspberries are one of those fruits that bless us not only with its stunning flavor, but also with the many benefits it has on our body.

Watermelon: benefits and 3 amazing recipes!

Watermelon is a fruit that has become synonymous with summer, picnics and can be eaten by the whole family. Besides this aspect, watermelon is rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and contains very few calories.
Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar: the health benefits you should know

Apple cider vinegar is starting to gain more and more popularity, especially due to some health benefits, guaranteed by various specialized studies, as long as it is used correctly.

5 Theories of emotion: the surprising and unknown

We all feel and experience emotions every single day. But why do they occur? There are many theories about this subject, so let's see five of them!

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Sigmund Freud’s Depiction of Daddy/Mommy Issues

The idea of daddy/mommy issues is quite recurrent in present-day society. It is one of the main issues Gen Z is struggling with. Even though this may seem new, Freud actually discussed it a long time ago.

The pros and cons of shaving or buzzing your hair off

If you are considering shaving your head, consider reading this article about the pros and cons of shaving or buzzing your hair off.

7 amazing manhwas with a villainess as the protagonist (1)

Manhwas with a protagonist which plays the role of a villainess has recently become one of the top searched manhwa plots in 2020.

Love is a commitment and a choice, not a feeling. Love isn’t enough

We are too young to be sad over an unfulfilled realtionship: it's about commitment, not a feeling. It's an every day choice!

Another top 7 manhwas with a villainess as the protagonist (2)

There are a lot of great manhwas with a villainess as the protagonist. One list wouldn't do this topic justice so here is another...