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Harry Potter and Newt Scamander – Destiny vs Choice

Harry Potter is the main character in the series of seven fantasy novels written by British author J. K. Rowling.  Newt Scamander is the...

Friendship in books – from the simple sidekick to the authentic...

Usually, our hero, even if he is the loneliest human ever, has a friend. Sometimes they are total opposites, the quiet and the popular...
Back to Hogwarts

Harry Potter Fans Invited To Join First Ever Virtual “Back To...

In a break from usual tradition, Harry Potter fans will celebrate September 1st virtually for the first time, as WizardingWorld.com hosts "Back to Hogwarts",...
Harry Potter Tweets

Harry Potter Tweets Only Real Potterheads Will Understand (Part II)

In the magic world of Potterheads, there are two things that always make it to the first page of The Daily Prophet: Hogwarts gossip...
Harry Potter tweets

15 Harry Potter Tweets Only Real Potterheads Will Understand

Merlin’s beard, stop laughing! We could all be killed - or worse, expelled! ⚡️

J.K. Rowling is Transphobic on Twitter and Receives Major Backlash. Again!

The author of "Harry Potter" could sure use some magic to save her reputation after being transphobic so many times. Read everything about it!