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How to be a better person, having God next to you?

The desire to be rich and to be powerful; the desire to be great and to be seen as a person who owns and...
believe in your God

You don’t believe in your God anymore. Now what?

Let's analyze a bit. Why don't you believe in your God anymore? Maybe it seems like nothing you ever read about your God, feels...
find god

That’s where you’ll find God

Today, more and more people reject the idea of a supreme being that has power over our lives. A deity that, supposedly, decides if...

I realised that sometimes even God doesn’t believe in us!

"All of you who say you don't believe in God, you just try to look cooler ." I heard this from one of my...

Atheism: Top 5 assumptions

I think that we all have that "Doubting Thomas" in our group of friends. Or maybe we know such people. Why does unbelief have...

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What are the signs that I’m in a toxic relationship?

What are the signs that I’m in a toxic relationship?

When you are in toxic relationship you can find a reason to leave behind and be happy. Nobody can hold a relationship together when they are the only one doing the work.