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6 useful German slang words that will lead you to fluency...

Getting hold of German takes some time and a lot of practice. Check out these German slang words that will take you one step closer to fluency.

Terrific expressions that will help you impress your German friends: part...

You didn’t think I was done with the German expressions, did you? There is much more of them than you’d think.

Unexpected false friends to keep an eye on when learning German PART 1

The battle of learning a new language can be quite exhausting at times, especially because of the existence of the so-called false friends.

The many different terrific dialects of British English PART II

It’s almost impossible to analyze every single dialect of British English. Many of them are hard to understand and don’t even sound ‘English.’

16 British slang expressions you might find useful

Planning a trip to the UK or want to get the hang of English? Then you might as well want to revise your speaking skills and slang knowledge.

Learning languages: 3 amazing YouTube channels

Today, we have access to all sorts of online tools that help us improve our target languages, and many of them are free, convenient, and really effective. One such tool is YouTube, which brings together incredible language-learning channels, 3 of which I will present in this article.

4 Terrific expressions to help you impress your German friends: part...

German learners out there! Don’t forget to revise the idioms you’ve learned so far because another wave of expressions is coming right towards you. 

The fun of studying a foreign language through another foreign language:...

Learning a foreign language can be challenging and demanding. But have you tried learning a foreign language through another foreign language?
language learning

4 Fun Language Learning Activities

Language learning doesn't have to be a chore, or remind you of being a middle school student. Maybe exercise books don't go a long way in helping you become proficient in the language you want to learn, and that is perfectly understandable. As a rule of thumb, one of the best things you can do whenever you're trying to learn something new is to make the learning process fun, and that definitely applies to learning languages.
An effective guide to building up your vocabulary in a foreign language

An effective guide to building up your vocabulary in a foreign...

The following part of my previous post on methods to learn words. If you want to see how memory techniques in building up a vocabulary work, click to find out.

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