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5 Theories of emotion: the surprising and unknown

We all feel and experience emotions every single day. But why do they occur? There are many theories about this subject, so let's see five of them!

Education : 3 reasons why it is very important

We can all agree that education is the root for both the blessings and the misfortunes in a country or in a person’s existence.

Impossibility: 5 amazing examples of hidden possibilities

Impossibility often makes us feel stuck and think there is no sollution for a certain problem or no escape from a restrictive situation

Emotions – 4 tips and tricks on how to control your...

Are your emotions taking a toll on your life? Find out about some tips on how to take control of your emotions in this article.

Anhedonia – When You Feel Emotionally Numb

Anhedonia refers to the incapacity of experiencing pleasure - no activity seems interesting and even food or sex can lose their appeal.

What is emotional eating and how to combat it

If you have complexes related to personal image and anxiety, try to focus on rebuilding a healthy relationship with your own body and soul.

Self control or how to tame your emotions

Do you ever feel like everything is too much sometimes? You need to learn about self control and how to tame your emotions!

When everything is over

How do you feel when everything is over? I got tired, I feel my body lacking energy and my heart beating in vain. All...

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What are the signs that I’m in a toxic relationship?

What are the signs that I’m in a toxic relationship?

When you are in toxic relationship you can find a reason to leave behind and be happy. Nobody can hold a relationship together when they are the only one doing the work.
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Brain fog: 5 fascinating ways to regain control

Brain fog can hit anyone at any time, so it's good to know how to regain control by personal means. Here are 5 fascinating ways to do this!

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