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The easiest, most basic cake recipe you’ll ever need

Everyone loves cake. It’s the most common dessert out there, and there are thousands of types of it. Knowing how to bake a basic...
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4 easy ways of incorporating more vegetables into your diet

The reason most people don’t really eat that many vegetables is because they thing they taste bad – and that’s largely because they’re not cooking or seasoning them properly.

3 tips for making cooking easier if you’re a student

Cooking is a valuable life skill that everyone should have, but it can be hard for some to master it.

Go-to meals when laziness and tiredness get the best of you...

I am not in the mood to cook meals every single day, so I go for recipes that will take the least time and energy, but still taste awesome.  

3 recipes that are delicious and easy to make

I have tried some new and delicious recipes because sometimes we get bored of the same old recipes we all know.

3 delicious pumpkin inspired recipes for the upcoming autumn

Autumn is right around the corner which means that the pumpkin season has come again and I couldn’t be more excited.

Easy FRENCH FRIES recipe – How to healthify your favorite comfort food

Do I even need to mention that French fries are loved by absolutely every human being on this planet? It's almost like a universal truth.

Go-to meals when laziness and tiredness get the best of you...

Nurturing our body with wholesome food and not wasting hours on cooking IS possible. Now get your apron and prepare yourself a nice meal.  
healthy breakfast recipes

3 Healthy Breakfast Recipes To Boost Your Morning Energy

A delicious, guilt-free breakfast is the best way to start your day. Being the most important meal of the day, your breakfast should be...

How to take your oatmeal to the next level and make...

All you need is a bit of creativity to take your breakfast to the next level. Forget about the old-fashioned oatmeal and try out these evolved recipes.