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Shiba Inu: 7 Amazing facts about them

Shiba Inu: 7 Amazing facts about them

Shiba Inu have a unique cuteness and a brave heart that makes them stand out. Here are some of the most fascinating facts about them.

Animals: the incredible way they see the world

Animals see the world differently than we humans see it. Have you ever wondered how the dog, the cat or even the flies see the world?

Fostering cats and dogs: why it’s a great idea

Fostering cats and dogs is a wonderful option aside from donating to shelters or simply adopting. Read more to find out details about fostering pets!

Puppy dog eyes: how dogs evolved to be liked more by...

Humans form deep, meaningful bonds with their dogs. Here is how puppy dog eyes make dogs more likeable and aid in communication.

Bunny, the talking dog of Tiktok and her amazing talent

This dog and her owner and showcasing their amazing talent of talking on Tiktok. How does she do this and how can you also teach your dog?

Replacing Humans with Canine Electoral Candidates

Have you ever thought that the political system needs some changes in order to offer the stability we desire? Well, citizens of Rabbit Hash, Kentucky have found the solution: canine electoral candidates! Yes, you heard it right! They have been electing dogs for mayors since 1998! 
Cane Corso

Are Cane Corso actually the most dangerous breed?

Cane Corso are those massive dogs that we would love so much to have around the house. Some say that they are dangerous, aggressive,...

Why are Labradors the best dogs!

From the moment you decide to adopt a dog, the first thing that comes to your mind is, for sure, to have a loyal...

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