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5 Easy Diet Alternatives That Will Blow Your Mind

Why diets don't work and what you should really focus on to succesfully lose a few pounds.
protein bars

Protein bars: 3 basic facts about them

Protein bars are probably the easiest and fastest way to ensure the necessary dose of food when we do not have much time. They are a nutritious food that contains a high amount of protein compared to carbohydrates or fats.

Pizza: 4 healthy low calorie recipes

Pizza is very popular and certainly the first thought is that it disappears from any diet, whether we are talking about losing weight or simply about healthy eating. This is not the case. Pizza can be a perfectly fine, low-calorie dish. Here are some recipes that will delight your taste buds.
Calorie deficit

Calorie deficit: the best way to lose weight?

Calorie deficit has become increasingly popular among people who want to lose weight.

Why dieting can be dangerous and is not worth the trouble?

It's sad how people view dieting as a fast solution. These types of “too good to be true” offers almost always misfire and here are the reasons why.

Veganuary – the newest challenge on the horizon

Veganuary is more than a challenge. It's a social movement that promotes the importance of both environmental sustainability and a healthy lifestyle.

5 foods you must avoid if you are trying to lose...

It is important to take into account some foods to avoid if you follow a diet in order to lose weight fast and to get healthier.
best sugar alternatives

The best sugar alternatives you must try!

Whether you are on a diet or want to adopt a healthier lifestyle, you should try to give up sugar slowly. Sugar is one of the most popular foods in the world, but unfortunately also one of the most unhealthy.

5 healthy oats recipes you should definitely try

If you got bored of your usual breakfast, here are 5 Healthy Oats Recipes you can make in a very short time. Oatmeal is...

Is the keto lifestyle healthy?

The "keto lifestyle" or "keto diet" has grown in popularity in recent years. This is a diet that focuses on high fat intake with moderate protein and limited carbohydrates.

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