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Little Richard

Little Richard, Rock’n’roll legend, has died at 87

Little Richard, the rock'n'roll icon died on Saturday. What caused his death?
Coronavirus in New York

10,000 people died from the Coronavirus in New York

Governor Andrew Cuomo gives tragic news: over ten thousand died from CoVid-19 in New York.
mental breakdown

Coronavirus deaths in US will surge, Trump predicts

Trump predicts more death is on the way as cases in the US continue to increase.
Arizona man

Arizona man, victim of Trump’s killer advice

Donald Trump's treatment for Coronavirus doesn't work as a man died after trying it.
Kenny Rogers

Kenny Rogers, the country music icon, dies at 81

Kenny Rogers died Friday night, at 81 years old, according to a statement posted by his family on his twitter account. He died peacefully at...
New York death Coronavirus

The first Coronavirus death in New York

Today, New York had its first Coronavirus death. An 82-year-old woman was the first one to die because of the pandemic. This happened right after...

(VIDEO) Trump confirmed the first coronavirus death in the USA

(VIDEO) Donald Trump confirmed the first Coronavirus death in the United States of America. A person in Washington has died from being infected with...
Cut Copy and Paste

Cut, Copy and Paste – Who saved your student life?

Stop right there and tell me if you have ever used Cut, Copy or Paste. Of course, you did. Who in God's name wants...
Serving love at homeland's altar

Serving love at homeland’s altar

It hurts me so much like your heart hurts when you see me cry. It's a complicated day for us and our love. It...

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