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Coronavirus: Spain has up to 1,500 new cases!

Spain is the most affected country in Europe, after Italy which has it the worst possible. Italy has more than 15,000 cases of Coronavirus....

Coronavirus isn’t the only thing you need to worry about!

Until now I hesitated to express my opinion regarding Coronavirus, but now I think it's too much. Panic, panic and more panic, this is...
Coronavirus isn't spherical

Flat Earth researchers confirm: “Coronavirus isn’t spherical!”

There's no need to remind you about what "nCoV2019", "COVID-19" or simply "Coronavirus" stands for. The whole Globe knows about the dangerous infection already....

Coronavirus bankrupts airlines!

With all the madness of this virus, many people have given up on scheduled holidays, probably because the big star, "Coronavirus" appeared. Thus, Coronavirus...

Other Coronavirus cases confirmed in the UK!

In the UK, the number of people infected with Coronavirus has increased surprisingly, reaching more than 35 cases. In addition, more other cases of...
Coronavirus is manmade

A lieutenant colonel in the Israeli Defense Forces claims Coronavirus is...

Right now, there are a lot of experts who support the hypothesis that says the Wuhan Coronavirus was created in a lab. This is...
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Are kids affected by Coronavirus? The authorities of Wuhan provide answers

Are kids affected by Coronavirus? The authorities of Wuhan provide answers. Coronavirus, the epidemic outbreak in China, in the city of Wuhan, resulted in...

Quarantine officially announced in Italy! Drastic measures have been taken!

Quarantine is announced in the north of Italy and not only, due to the Coronavirus epidemic on February 22, since two people were detected...
The doctor who predicted Coronavirus

The doctor who predicted Coronavirus is dead! Rare revolt in China,...

The doctor who predicted Coronavirus died in the hospital after being infected with it. The coronavirus has killed hundreds of people while infecting thousands. Dr....

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