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3 ways in which you can improve your coffee drinking experience...

Most people I know definitely enjoy having a good cup of coffee every once in a while.
https://www.pov21.com/4-coffee-making-options/ ‎

4 coffee making options – which one is the best for...

Almost everyone I know loves drinking coffee, but with so many options for preparing it out there, it can be hard to decide which of them is the right one
https://www.pov21.com/6-affordable-christmas-gifts-coffee-lovers/ ‎

6 affordable Christmas gift ideas for coffee lovers

Christmas is fast approaching, and we’re all looking to buy unique and useful gifts for our friends and family, and just because some of...

Marghilomana coffee or the possible history of a happy accident

There is nothing worse than admitting you do not enjoy a cup of coffee when you visit a Romanian household. Suddenly your host is...

Coffee: 3 ways to brew and the history behind the magic...

Hello, there, caffeine lovers! How do you like your coffee? Whether you like it dark, sweet, long, or short, I am sure you would find this article helpful. The reason is that we all want diversity in our caffeine life. There are 3 ways you can brew your favorite beverage from 3 places in the world! Which one do you pick?

5 Simple Morning Habits To Start The Day Right

Mornings can be hard to handle, especially if you are not an early bird. It is all about how you start your day. Here are 5 morning habits that can change your perspective and make you enjoy life better.

4 simple morning tips on how to get out of bed...

Are you an early bird? Or do you struggle with getting up in the morning? Here are some tips to help you get out of bed easier in the morning.

Tips on how to feel energised without consuming caffeine

Coffee or energy drinks may make you feel like you are having the time of your life. But they are not as healthy as we wish they were. Are there any alternatives out there?

Reasons why I strongly refuse to drink coffee(or consume caffeine)

Coffee, while an extraordinary energiser, a metabolism fastener and a hand of help for your digestive system, can also harm your health.

The diary of a coffee-addict

Coffee... The magic potion that banishes sleep and slaps you in the face with energy. Some of us can't imagine mornings without coffee, whereas...

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4 advantages and disadvantages of eating at restaurants

4 advantages and disadvantages of eating at restaurants

I've decided to make a list of the benefits of eating at restaurants, but also the drawbacks which made me choose home-cooked meals.

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