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How to keep your smile even though you are alone for...

Being alone for Chirstmas might be scary, but you are not alone, so don't lose your smile, there will be better days. Just have faith!

Toxic family – Christmas edition or why I don’t want to...

Culturally, Christmas has its grounds on quality time and connection with your relatives. What about spending Christmas with a toxic family?

Christmas in pandemic winter. Activities for pandemic winter holidays 

    This year’s Christmas will definitely be a distinctive one, as the pandemic situation suggests. I believe we can make the best of these Christmastime holidays even if we wouldn’t travel or go home to see our relatives. Some bonding activities can bring us back to our families, or even to our own inner child that couldn’t wait for Christmas in the past.

Christmas movies that you should watch (or rewatch!)

Christmas is just around the corner. Here's a few Christmas-themed movies that I think everyone will enjoy watching!

The bad cop/good cop Christmas tradition: Krampus vs. St. Nicholas

Have you ever heard about the Christmas tradition of Krampus and Saint Nicholas? Here you can find out more about this quirky festivity.

Top 5 Christmas gifts for Game of Thrones fans, winter is...

The holidays season is the most wonderful time of the year. show your friends that you care about them with those GOT inspired Christmas gifts!

Animated Christmas movies that will get you in the holiday spirit

Find here a list of animated movies Christmas-themed movies that will get you in tune with the festive holiday. Remember or discover your favorites!

Christmas food from around the world that I adore

Would you like to know more about festive cuisine? Here is an exciting list of exquisite Christmas food from around the world!

Depression, the heavy monster during pandemic Christmas

Depression is not an easy road, but you don't need to travel alone, take companionship, and share whatever you may feel. You are not alone.

Easy and festive Christmas dessert recipes

Get into the holiday spirit with these festive Christmas dessert recipes that are just as easy for a beginner as they are for a professionist.

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